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My Collection

Johnny Cecotto collection

Here   you   can   see   a   part   of   my   Johnny Cecotto   collection   that   I   have   managed to   build   up   over   all   these   years.   There are   a   lot   of   scale   models   of   his   racing cars   and   motorcycles   in   different   scales, magazines,    books,    posters,    postcards, stickers,    helmets,    motorcycle    leathers, boots,     puzzle,     photographs,     t-shirts, pins,   caps   and   so   on.   Masterpiece    in my   collection   is   his   original   Jeb’s   helmet which   I   got   from   Johnny   back   in   2006. It’s   the   helmet   of   1980   which   Cecotto used   in   his   last   motorcycle   racing   Grand Prix at  the Nürburgring in Germany.
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