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Many THANKS to the following people.....
Of course without help this site wouldn’t exist. Biggest thanks goes out to Johnny Cecotto himself. For being who he is, a great sportsman and fantastic character. For giving permission to make this site and for always being very kind and hospitable to us when we meet. I thank the family Cecotto: Isabella, Johnny jr. and Cristina, Jonathan and Julie for the kindness when we meet. Thanks to Johnny jr. and Jonathan for taking the steering wheel at hand and so continuing the name Cecotto in motorsport! Giovanni Cecotto and Vicente Fernández I both thank for their help to get me in contact with Johnny Cecotto in 2001. Special thanks to Hero Drent who gave me almost 200 pictures of Cecotto from 1976/1983. Big thanks to you Hero! I got help from David Hotz, son of Markus Hotz, manager of the Horag team of Cecotto in Formula 2 in 1981 with information and pictures of which I knew very less. Also thanks to Marcel Ankoné, Henk Hindriks, Jon Ekerold, Pentti Korhonen, Wil Hartog, Dr. Claudio Costa, Roberto Ravaglia, Emanuelle Pirro and Dr. Ullrich W. Schieffer for their contributions of the "About" section on Cecotto. I thank people who helped me with pictures and information while I was researching for my site: Eduardo Perez, Kake Heikkinen, Willy Dumarey, Gary Fong, Frank de Jong, Hans Hulsebos, Maarten van den Biggelaar, Stefano Bondi, Giuseppe Aroni, Tim Harrison, Bob Vandenholt and Stefan Örnerdal. I thank all photographers for making pictures of Johnny Cecotto! There are also many photographs which were made by myself. If you want to use pictures/text of this site for publications on internet, magazines etc. please first take a look at the “Copyright” section of which the link is below on this page. Making this site and maintaining it over the years did surely cost me a lot of time, work and money. For that I want to thank my wife Carolien Damen for being so patient while I’m sitting behind my computer so much or being on the road. Thanks for all your love, support, interest and your help at the events we visit!
Carolien Damen
Giovanni Cecotto
John Damen
Johnny Cecotto
Vicente Fernández