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My Johnny Cecotto collection.....
Over the years I collected various Johnny Cecotto related products. I cannot show everything I have here on this page. Next to magazines and books in which Cecotto is mentioned and shown I have models of helmets and vehicles, both motorcycle and cars in different sizes. A lot of posters, cards, stickers, t-shirts, caps etc. My most precious possession is Johnny Cecotto’s original JEB’s helmet which he used in his last GP in motorcycle racing in Germany 1980 and a watch which he gave me at the Essen Motor Show in Germany 2001!! Also a Formula 3 trophy of Johnny Cecotto jr. from Assen 2008 is a great collector’s item for me! Below you can get an idea of a part of my collection. If you have anything about Johnny Cecotto in your possession I could be interested so please contact me by e-mail at  john@johnnycecotto.com